Justice for Joe
JUSTICE FOR JOE - Joe Paraskeva, London UK
Press Articles

NHS says 'sorry' to jailed care patient - Morning Star 22 August 2013

Hospital trust's apology to 'criminalised' mental health patient Joe Paraskeva - Hackney Citizen 16 July 2013

Trust apology to bi-polar man given 'indefinite' prison term - Hackney Gazette 12 July 2013

Police cells holding more than 9,000 mentally ill people a year - Guardian 20 June 2013

Joe Paraskeva will enjoy Christmas meal at home with his family after indefinite prison sentence quashed - Hackney Gazette 17 December 2012
and front page - Hackney Gazette

Mentally ill Hackney man has prison sentence quashed - Hackney Citizen 16 December 2012

Bipolar man has jail sentence quashed - Morning Star 14 December 2012

Court of Appeal victory in 'Justice for Joe' campaign - East London Lines 13 December 2012
(this photo of Joe and his sister is the only one approved for release by both of them at the moment)

Psychiatric patient Joe Paraskeva's arson conviction quashed - BBC London News 12 December 2012

Mentally ill man jailed for hospital arson has prison sentence quashed - Guardian 12 December 2012

Sane response to Appeal Court verdict - 12 December 2012

Interview with Linda on BBC London News - BBC London News felt it was very important to show a picture of Joe and after much discussion the family has endorsed one photo of Joe, which was taken when he was in Primary School and therefore we feel could not be used now to identify him.

As always, we feel it is necessary to protect him from being at increased risk in the future, as you know, people with mental health difficulties can be more at risk and more vulnerable in many situations where their behaviour may be misunderstood or misinterpreted; Joe is also not in a position to give consent to a more recent picture of him.

For these reasons, we are releasing and endorsing only one photo of Joe and if groups/organisations feel it would help with publicity to use it, please contact me directly to register interest and request an electronic copy. Alternatively, feel free to use the logo on the website.

Joe's family and friends are very grateful that supporters recognise the importance of not circulating other pictures of Joe (it will be for him to decide, when he is well enough to) and feel it shows great support and understanding: thank you!

Carers Film
Watch Linda talking about Joe's case in a series of short films made by Hackney Carers, in a project commissioned by Hackney Council, London UK. Linda was part of the Hackney Carers Filmgroup which made the films: interviewing, filming and editing them. Several Carers made short (2-3 min) individual films, the group also made a group film about being a Carer in Hackney and a film about making the films. Hackney Carers who joined the Carers Songwriting Group wrote and performed the songs which provide the musical soundtrack to the films.
See Linda's story which is featured as one of the individual films. She also featured in both the group films.

PRESS RELEASE - 10th December 2012
Bipolar son earns appeal as mum's campaign pays off Hackney Gazette 6 December 2012
Appeal court day hope for my son - letter. Hackney Gazette 6 December 2012
Jimmy Savile scandal shows mental health inpatient voice is crucial Guardian 6 November 2012
Large number of calls to fire brigade from psychiatric wards at Homerton Hackney Gazette 11 October 2012
Arson patient set to appeal Hackney Citizen July 2012
Mental patient wins bid to fight sentence Hackney Gazette 24 May 2012
Mum of mentally-ill Stoke Newington man makes film about son's jail plight Hackney Gazette 3 April 2012
Mother uses film in battle for jailed son Hackney Gazette 22 March 2012
Mum's plea to end indefinite prison sentence for son Joe Hackney Gazette 8 March 2012
Downing Street protest calls for justice for mentally ill Joe - Hackney Gazette 15 December 2011 (pdf)
Finding Justice for Joe - Ann Czernik, Morning Star 14 December 2011
Justice For Joe Mother Petitions Downing Street - East London Lines 14 December 2011
Justice for Joe piles on the pressure - Will Stone Morning Star 11 December 2011
'Justice for Joe' petition goes to PM - Hackney Gazette 8 December 2011 (pdf)
Mum celebrates partial victory in fight to free son - Hackney Gazette 10 November 2011 (pdf)
London mum takes battle for imprisoned bipolar son to steps of number 10 - See Press Release issued 7 November 2011
Authorities finally release psychiatric patient from jail - Morning Star 6 November 2011
Petition hits 4,582 names - Hackney Gazette 3 November 2011 (pdf)
Letter - Hackney Gazette by local teacher 13 October 2011 (pdf)
Relieved mum wins first step in battle to free son from jail - Hackney Gazette 29 September 2011 (pdf)
Why are some mentally ill patients treated like criminals? - Guardian article by Amelia Gentleman 2 June 2011.
Article - Hackney Gazette 15 September 2011 (pdf)
Letter - Hackney Gazette 14 September 2011 (pdf)
Article - Hackney Gazette 8 September 2011(pdf)
Comment - Hackney Gazette 7 September 2011(pdf)
Mother of imprisoned bipolar sufferer from Stoke Newington calls for support for carers - Hackney Gazette 7 September 2011
In the prison of the mind by Will Stone - The Morning Star - 5 September 2011

Links below to articles, all relevant to Joe's case and many directly about his situation.

Comedian Ruby Wax launches Facebook-style site to help others who have battled mental illness - Sadie Nicholas 26 November 2011
Mentally ill offenders: Our fear of introducing them back into society - Theo Bello Blog article 15 September 2011
"The immense treatment gap ... for mental disorders has to be closed," - Reuters Online 6 September 2011
Celebrities back 'black dog' campaign to defeat depression - See The Observer 24 July 2011
Call for inquiry after seventh teenager dies in custody Article by Nina Lakhani - 9 July 2011
Bi-Polar Sufferer 'Unfairly Imprisoned - East London Lines 21 June 2011
Mental health services in crisis over staff shortages Amelia Hill Guardian 20 June 2011
Petition calling for Stoke Newington man's release goes to PM Julia Gregory - Senior reporter Hackney Gazette 17 June 2011
Prisons: the Ultimate Social Service. See letters published in Guardian 4 June 2011
Comment is free readers on ... mental health and support - See selected comments published on-line and in Guardian 3 June 2011


The Hackney Gazette is the local paper in the area where Joe lives. They reported Joe's sentencing (5 April 2011) at Snaresbrook Crown Court, in the edition of their sister paper, the Stoke Newington Gazette which was published on 14 April 2011.

A huge number of letters have been sent out by family, friends and supporters of Joe, both to the Gazette and to MP's.

The Gazette published a report on page 3 on 21 April 2011, about Joe and the letters page (with limited available space) printed 2 of the many letters they received.

We understand that the paper is supporting the Justice for Joe campaign to bring his case to a wider public and we appreciate their interest and support. A follow-up article appears on 5th May, due to the increasing and continuing influx of letters.

We hope our campaign to support Joe and to raise awareness of what we consider is a terrible injustice to a young man seeking help in great distress, can reach a wider audience. We feel it is vital to start a debate in society about how people struggling with mental illness are treated and to ensure that no more lives are blighted as Joe's has been.

The Hackney Gazette (5 May 2011) printed a piece as a follow-up, 'Website calls for bipolar man's release' giving details of this website and saying that we have mounted a letter-writing campaign on Joe's behalf.

Unfortunately, they printed the sentence incorrectly: They say that Joe 'was sentenced to a minimum of 4 years with an indeterminate release date..' In fact, together with the IPP (Indeterminate Imprisonment for Public Protection), he was given a minimum sentence of 2 years before his release could be considered by the Parole Board.

We are hoping media interest will increase nationally. The website will be up-dated as soon as possible to include news. In the meantime, you can email questions to Joe's mother, Linda, at the email address.

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Please contact us for any further information.

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